Leadership Team

Rick Mills NESN

Mr. Rick Mills

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Bakalis NESN

Dr. Michael Bakalis

Co-chair Advisory Board

Paul Vallas NESN

Mr. Paul Vallas

Co-chair Advisory Board

Don Hall NESN

Mr. Don Hall

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Yadgir NESN

Ms. Patricia Yadgir​

Exec. Dir. of Accreditation and School Improvement


“The National Education Support Network will be the nationally recognized leader in providing academic, accreditation, charter management, online learning, operational, and technology support services to public, parochial, private, and charter education.”

Mission Statement

  • To provide a vast range of educational and operational support services to K-12 public, parochial, private, and charter schools that might not otherwise be accessible due to their size, location, and/or their finances.
  • To use the power of the network making academic, financial, operational, human resource, and technology expertise readily available for all network member schools driving higher academic and operational performance.

Values Statement

  • Exceptional network member care is our first priority
  • Excellence is the standard for service and operations
  • Academic and operational best practices drive actions and decision making
  • Success is a team goal and achievement
  • Highly experienced subject matter experts will direct and deliver services
  • All persons will be respected and treated as professionals