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The rate of change in the K-12 industry often moves very slowly. However, there are also those vanguards studying, championing, and leading the surge forward. Both the progressive and hesitant are representative of National Education Support Network’s (NESN’s) primary stakeholders.

NESN provides all K-12 client members with a portfolio of free services related to emerging global trends, online learning, business and technology functions, and professional networking through new resources, techniques and best practices.

Addressing the systemic and complex challenges facing education today drives the reason for NESN membership. As result, membership is not be limited to schools and districts, but extends to individual educators and administrators, public and private institutions (like colleges and universities) and select vendors and contractors.

It takes all of us working together to bring together the best knowledge, experience, resources, and people to create strategic, innovative solutions. The National Education Support Network (NESN) stands beside schools and districts providing additional perspectives and linkages to all members of the network.

  “The National Education Support Network will be the nationally recognized leader in providing academic, accreditation, charter management, online learning, operational, and technology support services to public, parochial, private, and charter education.”

Membership Options

Tier 1

Individual Membership
  • Open to anyone, either as a client or partner, who wants to be a part of a dynamic and rapidly growing professional network.

Tier 2

School/District Membership
  • Open to any public, private, parochial, or charter school or district/diocese.

Tier 3

Institutional Membership
  • Open to any higher education entity, state department of education, or non-profit education association.

Tier 4

Private Sector Partnerships
  • Open to any private sector organization who seeks to provide services in the educator industry.

Become a member

Contact us through our website contact form, by email at, or by phone at (312) 226-3355 for a personalized quote

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